Good practices

10 good practices of a guide oriented to responsible tourism

  • We support the most important brand here, ¨Málaga¨, we contribute by teaching about what makes us unique, our  hallmarks. ”Since 2015 we have also been glad to narrate about the intangible heritage that our idiosyncrasy represents: climate, character, gastronomy, history, expressions of our speech , and a long etcetera.
  • Our streets already support many visitors, following the guidelines of Decree 8/2015, of January 20, regulator of Andalusian tourism guides, our groups never exceed 30 people, although we tend to groups of about 20 people per guide to look for a perfect experience and thus contribute to the non-saturation of certain spaces. We have also modified the routes with the same objective, and avoiding key hours and celebrations in the city, such as Easter, Fair, Spanish Film Festival, etc.
  • We make our tourists aware of trying not to alter neighborhood life. At the beginning of the tour and during it if necessary,we remind our clients to always leave enough space in the streets so that their presence does not interfere with the normal development of the lives of the neighbors, their rest or their privacy. For this reason, we have taken care to carefully choose the places where the explanations are made, the schedules of our tours, etc.
  • We make honest recommendations, avoiding commissions, referring the tourist to the small, local business of Malaga, “the lifelong ones”, rejecting large international brands that homogenize and depersonalize our cities.
  • We promote the consumption of local products, recommending the goods and recipes of our land.
  • We make visitors aware of the waste we usually do on vacation, trying to make them understand that Malaga’s resources and infrastructure are limited, promoting responsible consumption and use even when passing through.
  • We make the visitor participate in the life of our city, promoting to continue discovering the neighborhoods we visit: stay there to eat, visit them and participate in activities and cultural events that they offer, because Malaga is much more than its old town.
  • We guarantee that our clients respect the Malaga heritage: (monuments, museums, shops, streets, etc.) that we visit and when necessary, explain why certain behaviors are harmful.
  • We promote cultural tourism. Publicize the 39 existing museums in the city of Malaga, but also monuments, historical buildings, brotherhood houses, courtyards, ecclesiastical buildings, etc. We fight to de-label Malaga as an exclusively sun and beach destination. Malaga is much more.
  • We reduce and recommend reducing to the essential the use of means of motorized transport or that entail a significant impact on the environment and / or the quality of life of the neighbors. We believe in a pedestrian center, so that the people of Malaga can walk in peace, we advise against the use of all kinds of motorized vehicles in our old town and in general, we promote tourism on foot, by bicycle and by public transport.
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