Responsible tourism

We are Malaga. For responsible tourism

Responsible Tourism was defined in the Cape Town Declaration in 2002, along the ¨World Summit on Sustainable Development¨ in Johannesburg. The term Responsible Tourism refers to the respectful attitude towards society, culture and the environment during a tourist trip.

The ambition of Responsible Tourism is to put means and seek solutions to the impacts of tourism, to create better places for communities to live and for visitors to enjoy. A philosophy that has been accompanying Explora Málaga since our first guided tour in 2015. Explora is a company with a local vocation. Our team is made up of people from Malaga, which helps to maintain efforts aimed at responsible tourism and the sustainable development of our closest environment: our city, Malaga.

Our love and respect for Malaga extends to the rest of the people who walk through it or simply live here. Tourists of course, but also neighbors and local businesses that with effort and a smile make this city a better place.

With all of them is our commitment.

With the city; because Malaga is a wonderful place to live and to be shown to the world. We do it with all our love, care and respect for each of our tours. Our guided tours are on foot, reducing the environmental impact to a minimum. We have a pedestrian historic center of exceptional beauty, to stroll through  its streets is a luxury that must be taken advantage of. Fighting for its conservation so that future generations can enjoy it intact is the least we can do. Our goal, to show you more, because Malaga is the Alcazaba and the Cathedral but also its neighborhoods and its people, its traditions and gastronomy, we won´t live long enough to explain what it means to be from Malaga.

With the neighbour; because we carry out practices that have the least impact on their lives by reducing the size of the groups whenever possible and also giving visitors certain guidelines to make this viable. We never forget that the welcoming character of Malaga is one of the main assets we have.

With the tourist; because every person is different, each group is different, and therefore each tour as well. We strive to make each visit a completely different experience.

With local commerce; because we firmly believe that it is the  basis of the development of any city. We run away from commissions, always looking for a sincere recommendation of those businesses that really deserve it for their effort and quality. We also promote the consumption of Malaga products in local businesses, which has a positive impact on both customer satisfaction and local economy. We believe  major international brands homogenize our cities and take away their essence.

We believe in a different way of doing tourism, a tourism made with love and dedication. We believe in Málaga tourism industry,composed by so many small and medium-sized local companies all committed to a high quality service. We believe in quality tourism, one  respectful and interested in our culture. We believe in cultural, urban, monumental and artistic tourism living together in a city full of possibilities, Málaga. We believe in showing you the city every day as if it was the first , with rigor and passion. We have been striving for a long time to make the best guided tours in our land, or at least, this is reflected in our excellent evaluations in the main opinion portals, and we will continue to do so in this way, contributing a little to Malaga being valued and loved as it deserves.

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