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  • A city that can be enjoyed by everyone
  • Our tours are adapted to your needs.
  • A fully pedestrianised historic centre.

Malaga’s historic centre, fully accessible, allows us to make tours adapted to everyone. Delighting both locals and visitors. On our tours you will enjoy a pleasant walk, without hills, practically pedestrianised in its entirety. With a pavement without curbs that allow us to have much more space and enjoy much more of the city.


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How accessible is Málaga?

Malaga has undergone great changes in the last few decades helping us improve enormously in the area of accessibility.

One of the main reasons is the pedestrianisation of a large part of the historic centre. A process that continues today and fortunately continues to grow year after year. Making the centre gain streets a little bit more free of traffic, noise pollution and above all, gaining a space to stroll and enjoy it.

A pedestrianised city, means a change pace, the security of being able to visit any corner of the city without fear of encountering barriers that prevent us from moving forward. Malaga is not only accessible, but also the landscape of the city centre, practically flat in its entirety, will make our walk even more satisfying and relaxing.

If we were to rate our city according to its accessibility, its historic centre would undoubtedly deserve an “A”. While discovering its monuments, stroll through the park and enjoy some Espetos by the sea without encountering a step along the way.


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Meeting point

Plaza de la Constitución, next to the fountain.

Plaza de la Constitución is the most central and emblematic square in the centre of Malaga. It belongs to the pedestrian area of our city, located between Marques de Larios street and Granada street.

Hotel / apartment.

If you are staying in a hotel/apartment in the city centre, pick-up for this tour is available free of charge. If you do not know if your hotel is located in the city centre, please contact us, we will be happy to help you.

How to identify the guide?

The guide will be waiting next to the fountain with a name badge and the “Explora Málaga” sign.

Are all tours accessible?

To eliminate all possible barriers in our visits, we have designed our tours with accessibility in mind. In 2019, we carried out a study of the possible routes available for our tours around the old town. We have to admit that it was easy to find routes that would suit all of our visitors’ needs. Malaga city has endless possibilities for everyone to enjoy.

On our private tours, the entire route will be designed according to the preferences and needs of your group. This way, the tour will be as easy and interesting as possible. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.
In the case of our Free Tours, the Free Tour Malaga, where we will tour the historic centre, it is fully accessible. However, the same does not happen with the Free Tour Alcazaba, due to its architecture. This labyrinthine fortress is not accessible in its entirety, part of its corridors and bends are narrow or have stairs that make it very difficult to make it accessible.

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5,0 average rating on Google

Henar GM
Henar GM
Madrid, España
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El guía Luis ha hecho la vista amena y entretenida. Aporta mucha información interesante. Recomendable.
yarinka sm
yarinka sm
Madrid, España
Read More
Perfecto en cuanto al tiempo de la visita, ni muy corto, ni muy largo. Las explicaciones fueron interesantes y muy amenas.
Analia Barrera
Analia Barrera
Madrid, España
Read More
Muy buen tour de la ciudad. Variado y con detalles. Alejandro nos ha ayudado con mucha información extra. Muchas gracias por mostrarnos Málaga! Hasta la próxima.
Luz Marina de Lamo
Luz Marina de Lamo
Madrid, España
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La visita guiada con Gloria ha sido muy didáctica y entretenida. Merece la pena descubrir la ciudad con una guía como ella.
Rosana Gomez Cadinanos
Rosana Gomez Cadinanos
Madrid, España
Read More
Conocer Málaga con Javier ha resultado una experiencia entretenida e instructiva. Muy muy recomendable si quieres conocer Málaga. Un 10

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Plaza de la Constitución
Its name and even the square itself has changed a lot lately, becoming pedestrian on 2002. As a curious fact, the fountain is not in the middle of the square, the reason, the huge amount of public events and celebration. Undoubtedly the most emblematic square of Málaga.

Calle Marqués de Larios
Inaugurated on 1891, its modern design and location, connecting the city centre with the port, made Málaga neighbours to fall in love with it right away. Just as Plaza de la  Constitución, it became pedestrian on 2002. Mainly a shopping área, it’s one of the most expensive areas to rent a shop in Málaga.

Catedral de Málaga
Built between 1528 and 1782, a mixture of styles that goes from Gothic to even some neoclassic architectural elements. It´s also remarkable that the cathedral was actually never finished, being the lack of its South tower the most significant incomplete part. Taking the nickname of La Manquita (the English translation would be something like ¨the one-armed lady¨).

Calle San Agustín
Called the Knights Street after the reconquest of Malaga because of the amount of people from the cavalry that started living there, the name changed to San Agustin because of a nearby monastery from the Augustinian order. Among others, we´ll discover Buenavista´s palace, a building from 16th century that contains the main Picasso museum of Málaga.

Bodega el Pimpi
At the heart of Málaga, is hard to explain the importance of El Pimpi for our city. An historical building, a winery, a restaurant, a museum, a meeting point for malagueños and visitors, a place which gathers  together culture and gastronomy, tradition and trendiness.

Teatro romano
Our roman theatre was built on 1st century. buried by the Muslims, stayed underground until 1951, time when Malagueños discovered it. Originally with capacity for 1.200 people and covered by marble, the theatre was used to do performances, operas but also votes  such as referendums of roman´s public life.

Alcazaba is a muslim fortress,  its construction ended on 1026 b.c. A military building but a palace too, being the central office of the city muslim government. On 1931, Alcazaba was declared an historic and artistic monument of real cultural interest by the Spanish government followed by  several restorations over the 20th century.

Castillo de Gibralfaro
Even if we won´t climb Gibralfaro hill, we´ll see and talk on our Free tour of the second muslim fortress. A castle that could control and keep an eye on the whole city of Málaga. Because of this location, the castle provides the best views of the city, the harbour, the beach and the northern mountains.

Museo de Málaga
Originally projected in 1788 to attend the traffic of the port. Our Customs Palace never became one. It had several functions until today being one of the largest and most interesting museums in Europe. This building is the Museum of Fine Arts of Malaga and the Provincial Archaeological Museum of Malaga.

Important information

Frequently asked questions

Yes, reservations are necessary for private tours.

No problem, we will ask you for a telephone number when booking so that we can contact you in case of any unforeseen circumstances.

Not at all. If you can have a nice walk around the city you can do this tour. Malaga is quite flat and on a private tour the tour guide will adapt to the speed of the group.

This tour is for you and your group, if you need to take one or more breaks, please let your tour guide know.

No problem, on this private tour you can choose when you want to start and when you want to finish, we will modify the route accordingly.

The climate in Malaga is wonderful, however in summer it can get quite hot. We recommend comfortable shoes and a bottle of water. In summer even sunglasses and sunscreen.

We do tours in all types of weather. In Malaga it is unusual for it to rain, but even if it rains a lot, the tour will still take place. So we recommend you bring an umbrella and a raincoat.

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