That wonderful time of the year is here and there’s lots of special meals to prepare. Luckily there are many traditional Christmas recipes in Malaga. Let us show what a traditional Christmas menu might look like in Malaga.

A Traditional Christmas Menu of Malaga

Borrachuelos ( Rummy dessert)

The word Borrachuelo derives from the same word we use in Spanish for drunkard and that’s because this dessert includes two different wines and anise liqueur among its ingredients. Filled with “angel’s hair” ( pumpkin syrup strands) is one of the most popular traditional pastries in Malaga. They are fairly easy to prepare but do require time and patience which is a brilliant excuse to have your loved ones close and enjoy their company.

Recetas típicas de Navidad en Málaga

Sopa de picadillo (Soup)

It’s a pleasure to start a meal with a hot soup and a spoon in your hand. And such is the case with this traditional Spanish soup made of chicken, boiled egg, short noodles and most of the times a bit of serrano ham and a bit of peppermint. This traditional soup is an excellent first course meal for a traditional Christmas menu of Malaga.

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Lomo en manteca (Lard tenderloin)

Quite popular all year around is not a typical homemade food even though the ingredients and process is quite straight forward, you’ll need  pork tenderloin, pork lard, paprika, oregano and laurel. You can also taste it in one of the traditional restaurants in the hills of Malaga.

Comida tradicional de Navidad en Málaga

Bienmesabe (tastesgood)

This traditional dessert has many different preparations, but the one we like the most comes from an abbey in  Antequera. It’s made of citrus syrup, almonds, egg, cinnamon and compuesto básicamente por almíbar de cidra, almendras, huevos, canela and cake.

Comida tradicional de Navidad en Málaga

If you want to explore more traditional recipes from Malaga visit  Sabor a Málaga.


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