There are cities you fall in love at first sight and cities like Málaga that, in addition, dazzle their visitors the more they know. The magnificent corners of this city, over the years, have managed to charm and be a showcase of a mix between modernity and tradition for all. Malaga is a great city to walk around and at he same time get to know the culture and history of one oldest cities in Europe. Now, we´ll tell you about the magical places in Malaga that you should not miss:

The Cathedral of Malaga

The Cathedral of Malaga also called the “La Manquita” (nickname commonly known among the people of Malaga, which means,the one-handed) is undoubtedly the most important monument in the city. It is an essential visit not to miss if you come to Malaga, and to discover one of the secrets of this magical place, you just have to go up to the deck of the cathedral and see for yourself the most amazing views.

[quote align=”center” color=”#999999″]Also, if you want to know more about the Cathedral, we invite you to make our Cathedral Tour , even the people of Malaga admit having been gladly surprised with. We make tours on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays at 16:00 from the Obispo Square[/quote]

Lugares mágicos en Málaga

Balcony of Gibralfaro

If you are looking for a unique getaway without leaving Malaga, the balcony of Gibralfaro is one of the best options to enjoy both day and night. The impressive views of the entire city that can be obtained from this viewpoint are unique and is one of the most sought image by visitors. By the way, if you are planning your proposal in Malaga, this is not a bad place at all.

Pier 1 Port of Malaga and La Malagueta Beach

Since its remodeling and opening to the public, with a great offer of restaurants and shops, Pier 1 has become one of the points of maximum interest in the city. Right next, Pier 2 is ideal for walking under the Palm Grove of Surprises, there is certainly nothing more romantic and more magical places in Malaga than the surroundings of the port. Also, if you have time, we recommend you to walk along the promenade of La Malagueta, where you can see the authentic chiringuitos of Málaga and eat our world famous espetos.

Lugares Mágicos en Málaga - Muelle 1

Merced Square

It is one of the most recognized and portrayed squares in the city, one of the magical places in Malaga that you can not miss. Ilustraded for decades by numerous painters, this square is the perfect option for a romantic dinner which also houses the Pablo Picasso Casa Natal Museum. In fact, a good memory of this place is to take a picture in the bank where the statue of the famous painter from Malaga, Pablo Ruiz Picasso, is located. After the romantic dinner, and only 100 meters away the Plaza de la Merced, we recommend you to visit the Roman Theater, crowned by the Alcazaba, which lights up during the night and creates a beautiful picture that you won´t forget.

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